Our Philosophy

Established in 2006 MSD (Media Studio Designs) is based out of Orange County, CA. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality in all our products and services, while remaining affordable and able to provide what is needed to get the job done right. By maintaining this work ethic, we've continued to grow steadily throughout the years. Most people "work" for a living, we consider our job fun and you will see that the first time we work together. One thing you'll learn quickly as an artist is if your client is uncomfortable, it will translate directly into your final product. Capturing great photos is only part of what it takes, knowing how to work with a variety of personalities, cultures and project genres is just as important for success. Contact us about your next project and lets make your vision a reality. 

About The Owner

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Born in 1979, Michael Kingston Phipps has spent most of his life around the arts and entertainment business. As a little boy growing up with a professional musician for a Father, he at a young age started following in his Dads footsteps by making his entire life about playing drums. After playing in local bands and recording in the studio for around 10 years, Michael discovered the lifestyle of a musician wasn't going to be the ticket to his dreams or success. This is when he discovered his love for photography among various other forms of multi-media and design.

With a strong background in 35mm, medium and large format film capture, Michael has spent the time to learn the fundamentals of the art. Michaels style is edgy and diverse and he has a gift for capturing the moment. Contact him directly thru the link below to learn more.

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With a strong musical background and gift of unique perspectives and timing, Michael grown his art into an edgy look with quite diversity. Originally focusing his efforts in Portraiture, Studio and Event Photography, Michael has now become quite active in Sports and Product Photography as well.

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